Brand Film


Script/concept writing. Film Production. Live Action. Editing/Animation. Post production

Monitise are mobile money specialists and global leaders in creating the technology behind exciting mobile banking innovations.

The technical innovation involved with the company’s products can be alienating and heavy duty. Monitise is very much an enabler brand and the improvements this technology can make in our everyday lives is impressive. Our brief was to create a film that would capture the essence of the brand and to illustrate the benefits for everyday people

We worked closely with the brand team to develop a script that would touch on the positive benefits, the emotional, human aspects. This allowed us to bring several of their key products to life in tangible situations across the globe, with scenarios that each enable the user. Shot on location in North Wales and London.


LEGO® Education


Brand Films


Script/concept writing. Film Production. Live Action. Editing

Our task was to develop a brand film for LEGO Education that highlights the positive impact their education products can have on the development of school children.

Our idea was to find a real story, narrated by a real student who had experienced real challenges. We were lucky enough to find Mollie, a 7 year old student now thriving having benefitted from the LEGO Education products. Mollie narrates her story as we see children engaged with the product and we quickly learn how instrumental LEGO Education was to helping Mollie overcome her learning difficulties. Shot on location in Surrey.

We also created a highlights video, showcasing the fantastic results the LEGO Education products are having globally. To be shown at European conference.

We designed a video that would stay true to the LEGO Education product but allow us to work, in the main, in 2D animation. This meant we could get through a lot of narrative without too much delay. Fresh, playful storytelling was crucial in helping bring facts and figures to life.


Renault & Nissan


UK Head Office Branding


Environmental design. Concept & Copywriting. Print & Production

Renault asked us to create a positive working environment for their UK offices, to help their employees engage with their brand and create a much happier, brighter place to work.

We divided the office space into different brand themes and each theme was brought to life with a hero product and supported by appropriate copywriting. The final creative delivered engaging ambient branding for one of the most recognisable car manufacturers in the world.

Nissan decided to use their work space as a way to express their brand values directly to employees. Our task was to make those values resonate through good writing and graphics that would inspire people without becoming dated too quickly.

We used writing with a smart and witty tone, simple graphics with a playful element to bring the brand ideology to life across meeting rooms, corridors and office spaces. We set about producing bold and exciting creative, with both visual and verbal references to bring the brand ideology to life.


Hilton Hotels & Resorts


Global Rebrand. Hilton Weekends. Hilton Worldwide.


Brand identity/strategy. Internal comms. Branded/Digital content. Visual systems. Guidelines. Video/Animation/Live action.

With over 540 properties in 78 countries and over 90 years of history, Hilton is the world’s most famous hotel brand in the world.

Our brief was to make Hilton appeal to today’s traveller. To create a new brand ideology that would unite their 540 hotels across 78 countries and ultimately make Hilton one brand again.

We defined the new brand positioning, driven by a more authentic approach, promoting the worldliness and creating a refreshing, caring experience for the guest. We then set about creating a visual system, a framework built around great imagery.

In 2013 Hilton was ranked no 7 in the consumer Superbrands 2013 survey - ahead of the likes of BMW, Facebook and Disney. In excess of 30 plus awards won.

In December 2013 Hilton reached its ultimate target – making its debut on the stock market, raising $2.35 billion in a record initial public offering, the largest IPO by a lodging chain.


Global Radio Group


Capital FM. Capital Xtra. Heart FM. The Big Music Project. Summertime Ball


Brand identity. Graphic systems. Guidelines. Event identity and collateral

Global Radio is the UK’s leading commercial radio company. It’s the home of Capital FM, Heart, Capital XTRA, Classic FM, Smooth, LBC, Xfm and Gold – broadcasting to 20 million listeners each week in every area and to every demographic.

As a long term partner to Global, we continue to be the brand guardians for the full suite of radio stations.

This involves the maintenance and ongoing development of the brand identities along with charity initiatives such as The Big Music Project and live music events including the Summertime Ball held annually at Wembley stadium.


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